CFG Bank Arena was built with sustainability at its core. The choice to renovate this 60+ year old venue resulted in a 95% reduction in embodied carbon compared with new construction, which would have resulted in more than 50,000 tons of structural waste from demolition.

CFG Bank Arena is a Founding Circle Member of Green Operations and Advanced Leadership (GOAL), making us part of the world’s leading venues on a journey of social impact, climate action, and responsible change. GOAL provides venues with a tactical roadmap, easy-to-use tracking tools, a library of resources, and access to like-minded, leading operators, vendors, and sponsors all committed to operating more sustainably, more urgently.


Future partners with events and venues to decarbonize sports and live entertainment by engaging fans directly. Future’s award-winning incentive programs reward fans with cashback and unforgettable experiences for switching to climate-friendly options – from electric rideshares, public transit, and scooters to refurbished tech, EVs, heat pumps, and renewable electricity. Every ton of CO2e fans reduce gets tracked and verified on Future’s platform. Future’s climate platform offers a pathway to achieve carbon-neutral venues and events, positively impacting our world.

The National Aquarium’s mission—to connect people with nature to inspire compassion and care for our ocean planet—begins within the Aquarium, but it does not end there. A proud partner of CFG Bank Arena, the National Aquarium protects, enhances and restores natural resources through education and engagement, habitat restoration, animal rescue and sustainable business practices.