Bag Policy 

Clear bags that measure no larger than 14″ x 6″ x14″ are permitted.

Small clutches/purses/wallets are permitted provided they do not exceed 4.5” x 6.5” and do not have to be clear.

Backpacks of all sizes are prohibited.

Medical bags that are clear (within the size guidelines) will be permitted and must be screened before entry.

All other bags will not be allowed into the Arena. Locker rentals for oversized bags available on the Hopkins Plaza Flag court area.

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons of any kind, including mace, pepper spray, knives, sharp objects, bats, clubs, tasers, etc.
    Bags larger than 14″ x 6″ x 14″ and backpacks of all sizes are prohibited
  • Professional camera equipment (e.g., detachable lens; lens greater than 3”; external flash; monopods; bipods; tripods; etc.)
  • Laptops, personal computers, and two-way radios
  • Audio/video recording devices
  • Laser pointers or flashlights
  • Illegal drugs/substances (current prescription medication in the original container is permitted, provided the guest produces identification matching the prescription container)
  • Outside alcohol
  • Fireworks, missile-like objects, Frisbees, and any other form of projectiles
  • Signs, flags, and banners larger than 11”x17”. Signs, flags, and banners of any size attached to poles. Signs, flags, and banners are prohibited by the event or made of wood, metal, plastic, or other hard material
  • Balloons, beach balls, and other inflatables.
  • Firestarters and lighters
  • Cans (including aerosols), bottles, boxed liquids, metal, glass, or other insulated containers
  • Pets, other than service animals
  • Selfie sticks, poles
  • Coolers of any size, including soft-sided coolers
  • Signs, posters, or garments with offensive language, phrasing, or symbols
  • Pointed tip or large umbrellas